About the office

and around it...

After completing our education and then working in the then most established architethical offices, we decide in 2011. to go our own way. Establishing the office was the beginning of a voluntary escape into our own reality because we, as it is today, believed, as we would forever believe, in our own vision and dreams. Quite naturally, these paths led us through the urban, enchanting landscapes, through sea splashes, bursts and exhausting winds while trying to find the harmony and tune between regulations, office, the wishes of the investors and our concepts.

Today we are probably wiser, certainly much more experienced but also proud not only of what you can see in the "Projects" section but also what is most valuable to us, the people we've met on those roads and the relationship we've built. With those people we have built and created something that is visible to everybody, cultivated and respected the regulations, guarded the heritage and the landscape, with them we ate and drank when the tape was cut off. Today we drink coffee with them and look forward to every new meeting. What we want to say and it is not clear from the project's photographs is that behind all of these processes there are people hiding. People are most important to us. We enter into the intimacy of our investors and future users, we reveal their desires, we suggest solutions in a way that we try to dream together.

Is this architecture? What is architecture at all?

These questions would easily lead us to extensive theorizing that would surely end in a never-ending debate. We simply want to pass on our investor the functional beauty of creation and construction that will harmonize his desires and our vision.

In this process we try to be inclusive believing that our project must be value added not only to the investor and our idea, but must be felt by a wider community in which we create, act and live. Such approach, popularly referred as multidisciplinary, has been recognized by our associates. Without fake humor, we can say that designers, geodesists, conservators, engineers, statics ... make today our team of associates who easily recognize and share our sensitivity.

Our vision and mission is not just to draw, to satisfy and to build, but to incorporate ourselves and our own ideas, to create the relationships and processes that will make the investor fulfilled and appreciated.

The harmony of money and space in our world implies mutual respect that will surely result in a priceless joy.

If you recognize yourself in everything we said or you're only naturally curious, our office is surely the address for you. We guarantee; coffee's great and doesn't cost you a thing. In the meantime, just click on the "Projects" section, because we're not from yesterday and even less for only tomorrow.